Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bathroom Vanity Set Being Altered and Beautified!

Here are some photos of the bathroom set I was talking about earlier.  As you can see, it is a rather bright marbleized green - doesn't look natural and doesn't look pretty ( to me ).  I've roughed up the tissue box with sandpaper and started to paint it white with Gesso.  The tissue box is plastic so it wasn't difficult to scratch into it.  The soap bottle and the toothbrush holder are ceramic / glass and I could not rough it up, I just painted Gesso over it.  I plan to decoupage papers on all the items so I hope it will stick to the ceramic / glass.

I will show you the results in a few days.
Anyone who has any suggestions about getting things to stick to the ceramic items, I'd be happy to know.  There's nothing worse that having your artistic works fall apart, especially ones that are supposed to be used on a daily basis.
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Mini Book I Made

I don't know if you would consider this to be altered art.  I made it from scratch...chipboard, Bind-it-all, papers, embellishments, etc.  I also entered it in our local county fair and won first place ( got a blue ribbon ) !

It just occurred to me ..... this is my blog and I can put anything I want to on it.  Wow!  What an epiphany.  I suddenly I can feel the freedom of doing what I like and showing it off to everyone!  Yippie!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Late Night Sunday

Well, I don't have any examples for you today.  I don't have any idea what has happened to my Sunday but it is almost over ( 10:35 PM ) and I feel like I haven't accomplished any crafting!

Maybe that's not quite true.  I found an old bathroom caddy set in the garage
( toothbrush holder, kleenex holder, and soap / lotion pump bottle ).  They are an ugly green color and, if they were pretty, I could use these in my bathroom since my soap bottle cracked.

I will post pictures tomorrow of what they look like "in the raw."  I started to paint them with Gesso then stopped because I wanted to take pictures first.  

Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Altered Mousetraps

Well, I thought I would post the photos of the mousetraps on the This & That page but I can't figure it out yet.  So here they are on the Home page.

So, what do you think of them?  They have magnets on the back so you can put them on your refrigerator and put a small notepad under the spring bar at the bottom.  I actually made four of these but I forgot to take photos of the other two.  Same general theme and colors.

Altered Mousetraps

Do you have mice in your house?  In your garage?  In your barn?  Or in the garden or fields around you?  You don't?  Great!  I found mouse droppings in my garage over the winter and I bought a package of traps.  You know the kind, the old fashioned ones that snap closed as soon as the mouse takes the cheese off the little hook.  Well, I put out two of those with peanut butter (I'd been told they really like peanut butter).  I checked back in a couple of days...the peanut butter was GONE! and there were no mice.  This went on for a month or so.  I even changed over to a more high tech, modern mouse trap.  It didn't work either.  I had the garage door open one day and the neighbor's cat, Linda, went in my garage for a while....no more mice!

I really love that cat!

So, I had some (UNUSED) left over traps of the old fashioned design.  Check out what I did with those crazy things on the This & That page.  Then tell me what you think.

Anything Can Be Altered

Today is the first day of my new blog --- ANYTHING CAN BE ALTERED.

 I wanted to start this blog because I love playing with all sorts of materials (paints & inks; papers; lace, fabrics & ribbons; hardware & wire; empty boxes & containers; old or recycled items; etc.).

 I've been looking at a lot of blogs recently and there is a ton of different ideas and examples of altered art made by just your average person (in addition to the professionals).

My examples will not be perfect, as a matter of fact, I may show you some miserable failures (at least in my eyes).  I welcome honest feedback and any suggestions about how to improve a particular piece of art.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again!